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If you are tired of losing keys or are having trouble keeping track of who has them, Red Deer Lock & Safe Ltd has the solution. Keyless entry locks help businesses in Red Deer keep track of who has access to their property and building at all times. 

We specialize in Kantech Card Access Control Systems with computer control. This system comes with customizable software and a user-friendly fob/card control that makes it easy to set schedules, control access points, unlock doors remotely, and observe the status of the door in real time.

Kantech Card Access Control System is also compatible with your DSC Security System, which gives you another level of control for door access, gate access, and even elevator control. Maximum security has never been so easy!

We also stock other key scan access and keyless entry systems, such as KABA Ilco Mechanical Keyless Entry Locks and Electronic Keyless Entry Locks. Electronic keyless systems do not require computers to operate, using self-contained power systems and can be operated wirelessly. We also carry QOLSYS (Quality of Life Systems) products.

If you are interested in a keyless entry system for your business, please contact us today.

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