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Commercial and Residential Video Surveillance in Red Deer and Central Alberta

Red Deer Lock & Safe Ltd. provides state of the art commercial and residential Video Surveillance systems for any application. Using quality products from top manufacturers like:

We customize your recording device (NVR) to meet the criteria of each customer. From 1tb hard drives to 20+tb hard drives, we build the system for your needs. From 1 camera to multiple cameras, we find and customize the NVR to meet your needs.

Every system has web access so you can see what is going on anytime/anywhere in the world. Making sure every camera is the right camera for the specific requirement is always a priority. Our highly skilled technicians make sure cameras are mounted and set for the view you require. Cameras are carefully chosen to meet this need. Whether you require PTZ, auto focus, low light, explosive resistant, outdoor, indoor or vandal resistant we find the perfect camera for the job.

We can even provide point to point communication to connect buildings to one system where communication between the buildings is not possible.

With our highly skilled technicians and superior products, you rest easy knowing Red Deer Lock & Safe Ltd. will take care of your commercial and residential video surveillance and security requirements.


Protect What You Value Most

Shift between views, watch live or recorded clips and get alerts for unusual activity.

Our Testimonials

Good Service

“Great customer service!!”


Jonathan M.

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