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Commercial Building Access Control in Red Deer and Central Alberta

Red Deer Lock & Safe Ltd. can provide customized commercial access control solutions to help eliminate keys and provide options for controlling who can gain entry to your facility and when. 

Using state of the art products from Kantech and, we can provide you with an access control system to fit the needs of your business. Whether you need to know when someone enters, limit the time of day, require audit information, emergency lockdown, or simply remove an employee who is no longer with you, we can provide an affordable solution allowing you to have full control of your facility and the users.

Software options are user friendly and can be used for simple openings to complex schedules while allowing total control of the system by you, the owner. Add/delete users, set schedules to open or lock doors, or limit access by day or times of day the choice is yours.

Our commercial access control systems can be fully integrated into  your security system and video surveillance systems.

Products from manufacturers like:

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Incredible Staff

“Incredible staff. Well run! Talented group!”


Megan M.


Protect Your Privacy With Keyless Entry

With keyless door entry, we tackle security needs, such as file rooms, server rooms, inventory storage areas, and other areas.

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