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Commercial and Residential Security Alarms in Red Deer and Central Alberta

Red Deer Lock & Safe Ltd. is a locally owned, independent Security Alarm Systems installer. We provide state of the art commercial and residential security systems custom designed to meet our customers requirements. Using quality products like DSC and QOLSYS and ALARM.COM, you can be sure that we have the most innovative products and professional installations you can trust.

Whether your space is 100 square feet or thousands of square feet, we have a system to protect your assets. Wireless, hardwired, or a combination of both, we will custom design a system to meet your every need. GSM/Cell Backup units allow access to a phone app as well as eliminates the need for a phone line. Using a phone app, you can control your security system, users, door locks, thermostats, cameras, garage doors, and more. 

We offer customized perimeter security for compounds and yards of any size. You can add environmental products to monitor for Fire/Smoke, Water/Flood, Low Temp, Heat, Carbon Monoxide to name a few. 

We are Certified to provide monitoring for ULC Fire Alarm Panels. With some of the most highly trained alarm installers in the industry, you can trust Red Deer Lock & Safe Ltd. to help protect your assets. 

Quality Products from:

Power Series Neo

Our Testimonials

Cost-Efficient Services

“Great experience here when I made them scope and cut a new key for my motorcycle brought the bike to them and they stored it inside their shop for a week and they cut the perfect keys for it but unfortunately they cannot make a chip for it which even the Yamaha dealer wasn’t able to do due to security issues (alarm system) quoted me $400 to begin the job. But since they weren’t able to make the motorcycle back to life (they cut the keys perfectly) and instead they charged me half the price of the initial quote. Definitely would recommend this place.”

Jerick O.


Protecting the Things That Matter!

Your one-stop-shop for all your Security System needs in Red Deer, AB

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